Monday, August 8, 2016

Welcome Emma Grace!

We did it!  Emma Grace Schwabenbauer joined us at 6:57am on Wed. August 3rd weighing 7 lbs 12 oz and 22 inches long!  She made Mommy really work for it after 20+ hours of labor and then a c-section since she just didn't want to join us in the normal fashion.  However, this does not surprise me a bit considering her Mother has always been one to do things her own way.  While I didn't plan on having a c-section and was upset for a few minutes, the most important thing was that we are both healthy and happy.  This goal was accomplished and now we are learning about each other a little more each day.  Kyle was a huge support throughout the process and continues to be awesome changing diapers and bringing her to Mom to feed in the middle of the night! 

When she was being born all the doctors and nurses kept commenting on "all that hair!"  It's very prominent and dark like when I was born.  We had a few pictures taken at the hospital with a photographer who was wonderful.  

We worried we would not get the calm temperament for the pictures, but everything turned out well.  Doesn't every baby arrive on a nest and bed of leaves?  ;) 

 We are using these first days to find our groove and understand her different cries and needs.  She has a very distinct cry which seems to involve a little squeek of breath in the middle of each yell that can be identified by her Mom and Dad anywhere!  In the hospital, I knew when the nurses were bringing her back from testing without ever seeing her coming down the hall.
We are so thankful first and foremost that she is healthy.  It was fun not knowing if we were having a boy or a girl and above all else, we breathed a huge sigh of relief when we heard her scores after birth were right on point.  We have a long challenging journey ahead of us, but we are excited and willing to spend the time to be the best parents possible.  

Thank you for the well wishes and for following our journey!  Thank you to my sponsors for you support during this year including Ultragrain (#fuelyourpregnancy), Coeur Sports, Rudy Project, QT2 Systems and many more. 

 If you have any parenting advice!  Let's hear it!  What was the biggest thing you learned in these first few months of life with your little one?  

Monday, August 1, 2016

Tick Tock! Waiting Around for Arrival Day!

Well my due date has come and and gone (July 30th)!  The reality is that about 60% of babies come later than their due date, so I'm in the majority here!  I'm not too upset about it, in that I must have made a nice home for Baby S. that is just too tempting to leave at the moment.  However, eviction will happen eventually, so we've got about a week to wait to see how things go naturally on their own. 

In the mean time, Kyle and I decided to document this miracle with a few photos of our new little family that would be forming soon!  We had a beautiful evening to work with in Central PA, so it was a perfect time to show off this baby bump at 39 weeks pregnant!  

I'm very thankful my husband is so savvy with the camera and lighting, as he captured the moment just perfectly.  I wouldn't say I felt like Mother Earth, but I definitely feel this is a very special time that I am thankful for from start to finish.  Being able to carry this child has been a blessing in my life and not one I take for granted. 

We had fun shooting a few areas of our farm, including the little dock by the pond! 

Mom and Dad to be! 

It will be fun to meet this person when they finally arrive and find out if we will be buying trucks or barbie dolls.  We can't wait!  In the mean time, I'm staying cool and working with my athletes who are doing great this season!  In fact, we just had one of our athletes qualify for Kona, Kathy Beith!  She is elated, as am I!  She won her age group at Ironman Vineman so she'll be in Kona, Hawaii and the Ironman World Championships this October!  I couldn't be more proud of her.  She took up swimming (and triathlon) at the age of 63 and now, two years later, swam 2.4 miles in 1:37, biked 112 miles in 7 hours 59 mins on a tough course and ran 26.2 miles in 6:16 for a final time of 16 hours 15 mins and first in her age group! 
Way to go Kathy!  You did it!!

We will keep you posted on the new arrival and please pray for a safe and speedy delivery for this new little one!